One of the resources and facilities for introducing and seeing the products and services of any company or factory, and even the presence of various exhibitions in different parts of the world, is reported by the public relations department of Visa Center Ghorbani.

One of the easiest methods for international marketing is participating in exhibitions abroad. This method, while easy, has some points that, if not executed properly, will not be the only desired result, but can have inverse results. For this reason, Victan Centre Ghorbani is trying to summarize and provide users with the information they need.

Participation in foreign exhibitions in general consists of 3 stages: pre-exhibition operations – during the exhibition and post-exhibition activities.

Operation before exhibition
Examining the goals of the exhibition: These goals can be to a foreign market or to continue to be present in a market – to find an agency – to introduce new products – to test the product – to promote the brand (brandy) – to examine the market and other specific goals of each company.

The manner in which each company can be present according to its goals can be different. For companies that are going to participate for the first time in an international fair, it is strongly recommended that they take advantage of the experiences of a participating company or take part in an exhibition in a group.

Selection of the exhibition: Considering the number of exhibitions around the world and their specialty, the selection of the exhibition is of great importance for the purposes of the company and the type of product is important. Research on the information of previous visitors of the exhibition – exhibitors – commercial competitors – analysis The target market is one of the most important factors in choosing an exhibition. Determine the booth and its area: the booth’s location is very important, therefore timely action to get the booth site for a more sophisticated place and a more affordable price can be effective.

-Increasing information and products on the exhibition website: Obviously, if the registration and placement of the booth is done earlier, the name and profile of the company will be placed on the exhibition website sooner and more applicants will be contacted.

It is recommended that you design and update your company website in a way that attracts the audience when it first came to the website.

Timetable of the pre-exhibition stage:

– Registration time at foreign exhibitions must be at least 9 months before the exhibition. The steps to be taken during this period are summarized as follows:

– Initial registration for exhibition

– Locate the booth

– Specify the items to accompany the exhibition with you or before leaving for the exhibition.

– Insert company information on the website of the exhibition and its attendance at the exhibition to the audience

– Study the exhibition books from previous periods and create a database of the target audience.

– Decide whether or not you want to hold a party or conference at the fair and take the necessary steps to do so.

-Access to the visa requirement for the country as soon as possible for all those who are expected to be in Nizhny Tagil, as well as airline tickets – suitable accommodation

-To learn the people who are supposed to be in the booth, with foreign language mastering, to provide all promotional items such as catalogs – promotional gifts – business cards

– Stall Design: If you want to create a booth with a special design with a specialist booth, the design and design of the booth will take several months.

– Marketing plans in the country such as ad designing – Review and compare the price of different media and the impact of each

-Dear invitations to your specific customers

– Send group emails to potential customers and customers, even if you know they will not come to the exhibition because this notification can be effective in promoting your company and products.

-Entertainment style in the booth

– Predicting suitable spaces for business negotiations

– Information about the status of goods clearance in the target country as well as the withdrawal of goods from the Iranian customs, especially in the case of industrial machinery and tools

– Preparing uniform for booth officials

Obviously, the listed items are only a checklist of the activities necessary to attend an exhibition, and how each of the above activities can be successful in attending an exhibition can be very influential.

Activities during the exhibition

Victan Victories is proud to have been able to host international congresses and exhibitions, and take part in various exhibitions and conferences.
At least 2 days before the start of the exhibition, you must be present in the city in order to be fully sure of the preparation of the booth and its facilities and, if there are some deficiencies, have the opportunity to amend or complete it. Specify the distance from your residence to the exhibition before the exhibition starts and the time it takes to get to the fair and your equipment and make sure that there are usually many traffic at the time of the exhibition and more time should be considered.

– Final training for how people deal with applicants – Initial communication with applicants (first impression) is of great importance. Outside of the country, creating a warm and sincere and smiling face is one of the first points to attract audiences.

– Timely presence of personnel in the booth

– Determine the duties of each staff member

– Preparation of a questionnaire and a regular place for placing business cards and questionnaires

– Donation of gifts to potential customers

– Availability of brochures of goods and presentation of specialized descriptions by booth personnel

– In case of


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