Made EXPO Milan

The largest international trade fair for construction and architecture. Architecture, Building, Energy Improvement, Reconstruction, Renovation, Home Improvement, Sustainability, Innovation, Beauty and Safety have come together in an ever-increasing relationship. The exhibition has targeted certain categories of visitors and attracted potential customers. It is drawn to the advanced experience between industry. The exhibition will be held in 2019 in Milan.

The advisor group of Visa Ghorbani, with its brilliant record in coordinating the international trade fairs and exhibitions, is working to provide the country with the opportunity to attend the scientific event.

Date passed: March 10, 2019 (March 19, 1397) Return Date: March 17, 2019 (March 26, 1397)

2 nights of Rome + 5 nights of Milan

Tour services:

City tour in each city along with Farsi-language leaderboard –

All Visa Services (Embassy Date Completed Case and Exhibition Services) –

Domestic and foreign flights –

Together with breakfast, 4 star hotels –

Worth 30,000 euros Travel insurance –

Airport Transfers and Exhibits –

Registration deadline: July 1, 1397

16 to 16 people in the group of 10-16 people
1299 Euro + Flight 1485 Euro + Flight per person in a double room
1699 euros + flight 1899 euros + flight per person in a single room bed

Address of the Conference and Exhibition Office: Ashrafi Esfahani – Garden of Fayyaz – Shabnam Building – Floor 3 – Unit 20

Phone Coordinate: 02144448761 – 02144448762 – 09125087509 – 09336304247

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