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According to Visa Center, in the continuation of the daily introduction of various countries today, we will consider the working conditions and how to obtain a work visa in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands, like other European countries, is a developed country. The country gains its wealth through agriculture as well as immigration.

Guidance on work visa requirements in the Netherlands, information on the Dutch job market, job opportunities, work permits and job placement in the country. Finding a decent job in this country means translating your resume. While you need to be aware of the requirements for obtaining international jobs (such as Dutch visa regulations and work permit licenses in the Netherlands), working in the Netherlands, and so on. Here are the resources and list of jobs available in the country and will be as follows:

The Dutch Job Directory will cover the items listed below:

Jobs in this country: Job Website, Employment Agencies and Companies
Dutch labor market: unemployment and minimum wage
Occupations and rare jobs in this country
Dutch business culture and work environment
Work visa in the Netherlands and license
Language and terms required
Write a resume and interview on Dutch techniques

Work immigration and work visa terms in the Netherlands

You can contact Victan Victan Collection Advisers for further information and get familiar with the visa requirements of that country.

One of the ways to immigrate to this country through work, which can take action after obtaining a residence from work for citizenship or citizenship, it is worth noting that this method is one of the methods of immigration. Other methods such as obtaining There are also educational scholarships for this country and investment. Dutch nationality does not exist due to the birth of a child. You can contact the immigration authorities to find out the immigration conditions, the cost of living and working conditions in the Netherlands, working salaries and residence conditions through work or specialization.

The labor law in the Netherlands is specific to the country, and it has to be investigated before it begins to work, as well as the working visa conditions in the Netherlands.
Student work in the Netherlands is possible but must be received by the Netherlands before work begins. Depending on the degree, you are allowed to work full-time or part-time work.

It is very difficult to find legal work in this country and in other European and American countries, accounting and IT work is part of a job that is more abundant than other businesses. The terms of engineering and technical work in this country are more appropriate than other fields. In general, students after admission and study residency can have full-time or part-time work allowance along with their education.

Job and work visa in the Netherlands
Dutch job market

There are many opportunities for people looking for jobs. Jobs that are mixed with a wide range of international and multinational companies. (Dutch companies alone will include ING, the Royal Canadian, Shell, Unilever, Phillips and Heineken groups). This is while many recruitment agencies are working to hire foreign employees. Due to the sustained economic prosperity, the Netherlands has invested heavily in the recruiting sector, along with an educated population of 19% of which is formed by foreigners. Although the unemployment rate has increased in recent years, the Netherlands has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU (6.4% in March 2016), which is below the EU average (8.8%). The minimum wage in the Netherlands will largely depend on the age of the people. At the same time, the minimum wage in 2016 will be about € 1,524,60 for those under the age of 23. See the latest minimum wage rates in this article.

Jobs in the Netherlands
The highly skilled workers (known as knowledge workers) have a large population in the Netherlands. This is despite the fact that in recent years the immigration process has been very high. This will give them a 30% tax advantage. This group includes such as: a group of engineers who have technical skills, IT specialists, those dealing with finance, those who are experienced in dealing, marketing, and service providers. Other jobs that are in demand include: getting jobs in health and treatment centers, internal management, and education departments. You will be able to see the jobs you are looking for in industries, related sections of the magazine, and related areas of education.

Work environment and management culture in the Netherlands
Hours in the Netherlands will be about 36 to 40 hours a week. It will be possible to work 4 days longer than working hours. The rules of work in this country are very organized and will be based on normal working hours (9 am-5pm). Apart from management, it is not expected that the employee will exceed the specified working hours. For more information on Dutch employment contracts and employment rules, read the rest of the article.

The Dutch community is very egalitarian, and this will be widespread in the workplace. Dutch companies usually have horizontal structures and their goals will be step by step. This means that all decisions will be made after long discussions. Scheduled meetings


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