How to get a Norwegian visa / Working conditions in Norway

According to Vieira Center, the survey of working conditions in different countries today is about the introduction of working conditions in Norway.The first thing that you need to get a job visa for Norwegian immigrants is that the applicant should have a job invitation from an employer in Norway. According to the laws of European countries, this job offer must first be advertised in Norway for 3 months and then advertised in EU countries for a period of three months, and if the applicant is not found for employment in Norway, applicants for immigration to Norway and work in Norway and obtaining work visas from Norway can apply for this type of residence permit.
Iranian applicants intending to work in Norway are required to know that they need a residence permit for work or residence in the province of Nizza for a period of 90 days or 3 months.
For other countries that intend to obtain residence through work in Norway, the conditions are as follows:
– Citizens of Norway / Citizen of Norway
In Norway, citizens of Norway can take action in Nizzev to find work in three stages:
1- Finding a job:
Norwegian citizens will be able to register as a job and can search on the site for a job.
There is a possibility for Norwegian citizens to register their CV and receive questions from employers and join job advertisements, and the next will be the relationship between the employer and the employer by studying the cv by the employer.
The point here is that for some businesses, licenses are required that applicants can use to obtain a NOKUT Norwegian Quality Assurance Certificate (NOKAT) site to know who they are.
Norway’s tax card: done by the employer.
– Citizens of the European Union / EU countries do not need a residence permit to stay or work in Norway. However, all citizens of the European Union / EEA who want to stay in Norway for more than three months must register with the police.
1- Finding a Job: Applicants can register as a job and look for jobs at Applicants can register their CV, receive questions from employers and join job advertisements.
2- After registering a contact, a contact is made between the employer and the applicant in Norway and the Norwegian employment visa.
3. In this case, like citizens of Norway, some businesses require licenses that applicants can apply to the Norwegian Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Training Center (NOKUT) for work permits.
If Norwegian employer has been sent to Norway for work in Norway, Norwegian employment visa is essentially the same as those of Norwegian employees.
– Citizens from countries outside the European Union / EEA who are willing to work in Norway must have a stay of more than 3 months or 90 days and need a residence permit. During this time, the applicant should seek work and, if Getting a job Employee in Norway and obtaining a Norwegian visa must renew his or her residency year after year and, upon completion of the five years, the applicant can obtain his permanent residence.
– This process is similar to that of the EU countries, with the difference that the applicant must have a valid entry permit for the Norwegian state. Among other things, it can be noted that one of the important documents is the applicant’s residence.
The process of working in Norway and obtaining Norwegian employment visas and obtaining a residence permit in Norway is such that those who want to apply for this type of residence from Iran or have to be a citizen of Iran, or otherwise have a minimum of six months They stay in Iran to be able to apply for a residence permit in Norway.The documents required for obtaining a residence permit by work in the country of Norway are:
Skilled Worker List (Employer in Norway)
How to use the list
When you encounter an appointment with the police or the embassy / consulate, you must place this list and copies of the documents on this list. You must also submit the original documents.
If any of your documents are in Norwegian or English in different languages, you must translate the documents into Norwegian or English.
Your responsibility is to ensure that you place all documents in the list that are required for your application. If all the relevant documents are not available, it may be rejected for more processing time or your request.
Applicants working in Norway and obtaining a Norwegian visa must be in good working order
1- Firstly, a job applicant in Norway and a Norwegian visa must provide evidence of a specific skill in his / her field of study or other skills; a point that is worthy of this and should be It should be noted that the documents must be approved by the immigration office in Norway.
2. Having a job record is of high value; it is necessary for the applicant to have at least two years experience in relation to his or her field of study.
3. The qualification is one of the other conditions that is effective in obtaining a work visa in Norway; at least one degree is required for applying for a work visa to have a bachelor’s degree.

Applicants wishing to work in Norway and obtaining a Norwegian visa must know that since November 2013, the Norwegian visa has been canceled and immigration to Norway through work and work in Norway and Norwegian employment visas is not possible. Unless you ask for it


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