How can I immigrate to Belgium?


According to Victan Victani Center, in pursuit of the mission of this collection for the sake of transparency and awareness of immigration, we are introducing daily immigrants to different countries.

In this package, I will be pleased to introduce the Belgian and Syrian immigration to this country.

The Belgian state is a royal state in northern Europe and one of the founding countries of the European Union. It was part of the Netherlands, Spain and France before 1830, but from 1830 onward it became officially independent. According to the 2011 census, the population is about 11,007,020. The capital city of Belgium is the city of Brussels, which is considered to be the largest city in the country. The type of government in Belgium is constitutional monarchy and democracy (parliamentary). The currency in Belgium is the euro and the official language of the country is French, Dutch and German.

Belgian Geography:

Belgium has a moderate climate with fairly good rainfall, the summer season in Belgium is relatively cool and temperate, and is also relatively cold in winter. Belgium has three geographic regions: one of the geographical areas of the coastal plain, located in the northwestern part of Belgium, the region has well-known sand dunes.

The second most important geographic area in Belgium is the Central Plateau, located in the southeastern part of Belgium, the area has plots suitable for agriculture, and also has well-known valleys.

The third geographic area in Belgium will be the Arden Mountains and the forest plateau in the northeast of Belgium, which is not a good place for agriculture in this country. Among the most famous rivers in Belgium, you can refer to the River Stamb, the Banz River and the River Shladt

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* Economic Belgium

In a general look at the economic situation in Belgium, we can say that Belgium has an unemployment rate of almost 1.8%, and inflation is 8.1%. The labor force in Belgium is 9.4 million, the bulk of this labor force in the agricultural sector, then in the industrial sector, and later in the service sector.

The Industrial Revolution first took place in Belgium in 1800.

In the Belgian export sector, there are cars, diamonds, food products, petroleum products, textiles, metals and plastics in iron and steel.

In the import sector, crude oil, clothing and apparel, machinery, chemicals, food products, and diamonds are imported from France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland. As stated, the currency in this country is also the euro.

* Culture, language and religion of the people of Belgium

The most important thing that the Belgians care about is public health and personal care, and this has caused even the industrial cities in the country to have low air pollution. Architecture and visual arts and crafts are famous in Belgium. Almost 60% of the people in the country speak Dutch, 40% in French and less than 1% in German. But in Brussels, the capital of this country, two French and Dutch languages are officially common. In terms of religion, 47% of the people of this country are Christians. 3.5% of its population also have a religion of Islam.

* Syntax for immigration to Belgium

There are several choices for getting Belgian citizenship according to the circumstances

Marrying a Belgian:
For this situation you have to have some conditions. You must legally stay in Belgium for at least 5 years and live with your spouse for 3 years. You must also prove at least one French, Dutch or German language, plus you must show that you have a good presence in the community. For example, being a member of a local activity or having a job can be the best reason to prove this.

Long-term stay: If you have been staying for more than 10 years in Belgium, you can apply for Belgian citizenship, you must meet certain conditions, such as language knowledge and social solidarity.

Lacking nationality: If you are officially recognized as a homeless person and have lived in Belgium for 2 years, you can get the citizenship of the Belgian state.

Special Acts: This is a very special condition for immigration to Belgium, which does not accept many people. You must first prove that you can not obtain a Belgian citizenship in another way, then you must prove your exceptional circumstances, such as scientific awards, great cultural effects and exceptional results.
* Types of stay visas in Belgium

Typically, there are 3 types of visas for immigration to Belgium.

Visa c for immigration to Belgium

This visa will allow you to stay in Belgium for a period of 90 days in a 180-day period. This type of visa is often used for travel and tourist destinations.

Visa D for immigration to Belgium

This type of visa is issued for work and residence in Belgium for more than 90 days. This type of visa is often used to immigrate to Belgium. To get this type of visa, you must first obtain a work permit in Belgium.

European blue card for immigration to Belgium

This type of visa is also issued for life and work more than 90 days, but specifically for high-skill jobs. To obtain this type of visa, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and a contract


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