How can we study in European and American countries?


One of the reasons for traveling abroad is education, according to Victan Victory Center. But many people do not know how to get to the universities to study in different countries.
Due to numerous questions, we have reviewed the various stages of admission to university studies in this paper.

Guide to studying abroad: Academic admission

Now, a large number of Iranian applicants are admitted to European and American universities. The good record of Iranian studies in Western universities, especially in North America and Europe, has made the students of the two continents continually paying attention to Iranian students and at some universities such as Stanford, Pennsylvania, Chalmers, Sweden, Berkeley, and MI T Americans, Iranian students, are among the most successful foreign researchers and researchers working in the field. The scientific achievements and interesting achievements of Iranian students over the past 5-6 decades have made the Western science centers a special look for talented Iranians, and the annual acceptance of thousands of Iranian students at these centers is a clear indication of the importance of applicants Is Iranian
It goes without saying that the scientific talent and perseverance and creativity of Iranians in scientific and research fields have increased sharply over the past few decades so that now, a country which, before the Islamic Revolution, was able to produce the most banal industrial equipment Today, it holds more than 1% of world science production, and in some industries such as petrochemicals, missiles and nuclear, it is on top of the list of 5 or 10 countries with superior technology, in the context of the worst war of the twentieth century And passed the biggest international economic sanctions for three decades. The talent and ability of Iranians in the world are exemplary, and a seventy-piece of paper can be used to prove this claim, and Professor Hassabi and Professor Samayee were a handful of samples. The conditions for studying research for Iranians around the world are great, and you need to choose the university and country based on the ability, research interests and ability to adapt to the new environment and conditions. Choosing a country, a discipline and a university is a matter of great concern to everybody who is interested in studying abroad. They do not know how to act well in the process of acquiring admission, in order to increase their chances of admission. Give Or how to apply for scholarships to significantly reduce the cost of staying abroad. Also, where to stay, and what issues each country faces and what information resources they have, there is an important issue to consider. The collections of articles that follow from here on where we are going to study in the field of study and migration are trying to answer such questions. In the coming days, we will point out that there are steps to be taken in admittance to education, what is the point and the sequence of events. How to contact the university and the relevant faculty. How to get academic resources and scholarships. How do you find your desired university in different countries, and adapt to the industry that you want to read, with your own interests. It will be presented in these guidelines from the acquisition of the Yeltsa to the submission of documents and the selection of universities and admissions and scholarships, as well as from different countries of the world. But start the work. . . Where do we start? Many ask the question of where to start and what steps should be taken to take admission and even to get a scholarship.

Before taking admission steps, it’s best to pay particular attention to the following points.

1. What is the purpose of continuing education?
You must answer this important question, why do you want to continue your education before taking up an academic or even scholarship? Do you intend to immigrate to study? Are you going to get permanent residence in the destination country? Would you like to apply for admission as an opportunity for job creation in this Rome country? Is your intention to accept visa only? These are examples of questions that are coming up for many. The answer to each of these questions, methods, and programs is its own. For example, if you intend to apply for a Schengen visa, you can apply for admission and a visa instead of applying for admission to education in the European countries, from Hungary and Poland, and even Belarus.
Or, if your intention is to admit, immigration, you should consider that every country in the world has its own rules for immigration, and all countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, are not immigrant, and some like Sweden And Norway and Germany, are refugees, and if you are planning to stay there, you must first start a professional career. However, prior to admitting, study your plan for at least the next 5 years. Do not panic. Even if this app is, at first sight, very ambitious and ambitious, so that you can write and draw this program, you can divide it into small parts and look for it for that. For every problem, there is a solution.

No matter how you can make the program based on your capabilities and capabilities, the program’s implementation is achieved with a higher coefficient. If you make this program more realistic, the probability of reaching the educational goal will be greater. Sometimes, to get to the summit, you have to be a bit patient and creative. Patience means not to take yourself to the water and fire to stay, study and immigrate, and do not say so. Sometimes wait two years to get an appointment


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